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Mechanics General

The key to keeping a Mercedes running for a long time is regular maintenance and good preventive maintenance. We offer a comprehensive maintenance program for Mercedes Benz that minimizes unexpected breakdowns, ensure the safety of the car, maintain its performance and prolong its life.

Inspection and diagnostic services for your Mercedes, in addition to replacing the components recommended by the manufacturer, such as filters, oils, belts, etc., a periodic inspection performed by Namarauto technicians includes control of various engine components, transmission and chassis. This will ensure the prevention and localization of problems before they can cause unexpected failures or before further damage could occur.

Vehicle inspection is done using several methods – visual diagnostics / vehicle / dynamic test, road test, diagnosis with Mercedes Benz machine etc.

When your car is in the workshop, you should not worry. You can have a replacement vehicle for a reduced price and continue to enjoy the road (replacement car subject to availability).

Fast service

  • Automobile accessories.
  • Sending spare parts.
  • Paints, plastic coatings.
  • Air conditioning repair.
  • Engine repair.
  • Tyre service.
  • Regulatory services.
  • Workshop.
  • Vehicle upholstery.
  • Cover the repairs.
  • Inspection.
  • Car Wash.
  • Refining, conversion.
  • Cylinder repair.
  • Spare parts.
  • Service for damping.
  • Navigation System.
  • Electric Workshop.

Oil change

15,000 kilometers is the deadline for a state check and a replacement of the oil filter and engine oil according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Namarauto offers an oil change and a professional filter replacement. 

Brake service

For greater safety, periodically check the status of all components of the brake system of your vehicle. Thanks to the workshop equipment and quality spare parts, you can have the certainty of driving safely. 

Air conditioner

Air conditioning has already become a standard feature of most modern cars and requires regular maintenance to ensure it has a long service life.


Our seasonal controls give you the security you need for your vehicle: in the spring, when it’s time to take a long trip, or at the beginning of winter. With the help of a test bank, we control and verify the operation of the different systems of your vehicle. 


In Namarauto we are specialists in the electricity of Mercedes-Benz, any electrical problem of your Mercedes-Benz is repaired in our facilities. We repair the vehicle’s electronic injection, navigation, comfort, audio and telematics of your vehicle. 


The tire is the element of the vehicle that supports the most wear, in addition to keeping them in good condition improves safety, reduces consumption and increases performance. 

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